Who We Are

The blood is new, but our history is old.

For some representing the third generation in the family on a business, is an overwhelming task. But when passion is involved, it all seems like an accomplished dream. It’s an honor to represent the name of my grandfather who started all. The name of my father who still with us. And create a solid foundation for our future.

Looking to the future

The organizational level and the constant improvement of technologies point to the improvement of the market. We reaffirm our history with eyes in the future.

The industry is going through a revolution, that probably has never faced before. Technology is reaching the freight industry and affecting it in every way. From load boards to carriers and from clients to its destinations, everything has changed. But Wesfer is here to stay. As new technologies comes in, we are adapting and reinventing our self’s to always be competitive and productive. We welcome and embrace any revolution in the market. Let the new era begin.